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A photographer is one of the most important people on your wedding guest list


I am a friendly, outgoing person and a passionate photographer. I often find myself meeting people for the first time and getting into such hilariously engaging conversations that other people confuse us as long-time friends. Needless to say, I will not only give you awesome photos, but will also be an absolute blast to work with.

I am ridiculiously obsessed with capturing amazing photographs in any situation. My preference for off-camera lighting gives the images I take a strikingly modern feel. Additionally, I always insist on squeezing the highest possible quality out of every photograph I take through meticulous post-processing. These facets combined mean that you will receive quality work well beyond my price point.

Lastly, my goal is always to ensure that every single person I shoot with has nothing but rave reviews regarding working with me. This means I will usually bend over backwards to make sure I not only understand what you want, but do my absolute best to make sure it happens.

If you are still curious as to whether I am the right photographer for you, I'm confident that a five-minute phone call will easily help you decide.